Patient nerves testing using electromyography. Medical examination. EMG

EMG Testing

Electromyography (EMG) studies are used to assess nerve health or to detect different muscle conditions. Most commonly an EMG is prescribed to check for pinched nerves either in the spine or in the arm such as carpal tunnel.

An EMG test is two tests in one. The first part of the test uses a machine that that sends a small shock to the nerve, and the response is recorded. Based on the response of the nerve, the physician can tell many different things about the health of the nerve. The second part of the test includes a very thin needle that is placed in specific muscles and the nerve signals are both visually observed and listened to generate a diagnosis.

Dr. Tyson Sloan has performed EMG tests for over 14 years and is highly skilled at reading the results and implementing detailed care plans for his patients, based on the test.